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What to Expect

Current Covid-19 Procedures – What to expect :

Please note that this is an evolving situation and these procedures can change at any time.

Booking an appointment

Regular methods of booking will continue. We are currently not accepting walk-in bookings and encourage online bookings if possible. However, you may also call us to book an appointment. Unfortunately, very often we will not be able to answer your call, but please leave us a clear message with your name, contact number, the time and day of your choice of appointment and we will respond as soon as we can.

You will be receiving a pre-screening email BEFORE the day of your appointment. These questions are part of the BC COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment tool found here https://bc.thrive.health/covid19/en. However, the nature of these questions may change as the pandemic evolves.


Day of your appointment

  • Please arrive no earlier than 5 min. before your scheduled appointment time, and weather permitting, wait outside the front door until your therapist opens the door for you to come in. The door will be locked at all times otherwise.
  • You are able to wait inside only if the weather is not permitting and you have a mask on. Only a limited number of clients are permitted inside in order to maintain physical distancing requirements. Please remain seated in the designated seating spots until your therapist comes for you. Be sure to inform your therapist in advance should you require special arrangements during the waiting period prior to your appointment.
  • Please be prepared to bring and wear a mask (cloth or disposable) covering your nose and mouth prior to entering the clinic. If you do not have a mask, we can provide disposable ones  which will be given to you upon entering the clinic.
  • Only scheduled patients will be permitted to enter the clinic, unless you require assistance from a family member or caregiver. After which all assistance helpers will be required to leave the clinic and wait outside until the treatment is over.
  • Upon entering, please immediately wash your hands at the sink in the waiting area. After this time, you may be asked the pre-screening questions once again, and to sign the one time Covid informed consent form using a sanitized pen if you have not done so during a previous appointment.
  • At any time through conversation and observation that either you, or your therapist feels uncomfortable to proceed with treatment, it may be respectfully terminated. If possible, another appointment may be rescheduled during this time.
  • You will then be led to your treatment room once you, and your therapist are comfortable to proceed.

During Treatment:

  • Please enter the treatment room and allow your therapist to close the door for you.
  • Place your clothes and all of your belongings (except your shoes) on the chair provided. This chair and door handle will be disinfected after each appointment.
  • You will be instructed as per usual on how your treatment will proceed. Your therapist will be wearing a mask throughout your treatment period. Once your treatment is over, please follow the therapist’s instructions on the exiting procedure.
  • All sheets and blankets used during treatment, will be single-use only, and then laundered in hot water and detergent afterwards.

After treatment and payment:

  • Once your treatment is over, please change and put your face mask back on before opening the door and follow the exiting procedures as instructed from your therapist.
  • If necessary you may also use this time to call or text for your ride, or assistance helper while preparing to leave the clinic.
  • Currently, we are accepting all major forms of payments. If paying by cash, please bring exact amounts since we will not be carrying change.
  • Before leaving, your therapist may also want to confirm or update your contact info.
  • Please wait for your therapist to open the front door for you before exiting the clinic.