Jeon Dr. TCM, Msc

Dr. Jeon is a registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine with over 15 years of experience. She completed her Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) education at Shanghai TCM College of BC in 2003. Since then, she has worked continuously as a registered TCM practitioner. In 2008, she became a registered doctor of TCM and remains so to the present. As well, she obtained her BSc. in Kinesiology from SFU (2010) and her MSc. in Rehabilitation Sciences from UBC (2016).

In her clinical practice, she integrates her knowledge, skills and training in kinesiology & rehabilitation with the theory and practice of TCM to treat illness and promote health & wellbeing.

Dr. Jeon provides acupuncture/TCM services to help with those who need pain management for acute or chronic pain; neuro-rehab for those who experience pain, discomfort and functional impairment due to neurological conditions; cancer care for those who need immune support and symptom management.

She is fluent in English and Korean.

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