One of the largest barriers to mental health support is the stigma surrounding mental illnesses and the people who suffer from them. People of all ages suffer from the effects of mental health stigmas, which can influence their willingness to seek treatment. However, stigma is not the only reason people choose to abstain from seeking mental health treatment as other barriers may include accessibility inconvenience, and the lack of a perceived need for treatment. A personal consultation from an accredited Register Clinical Counsellor is great way to evaluate whether this type of treatment would be beneficial to you. Counselling therapy sessions are confidential, collaborative and judgement free. This is not only a proactive measure to maintaining good mental health, but also a reactive measure for those who want to make positive changes in their lives. Another significant component of counselling is resource building to determine the best contacts for support and important people in an individual’s inner circle.

Maintaining or improving mental health is as important as caring for your physical health. Actively seeking treatment can help in coping with everyday stressors, manage guilt/shame in complex decision-making, improve communication in association with others, and much more. Good mental health can positively affect physical health directly as well by improving sleeping habits, the immune system and lower pain levels. Having your mental health treated can also improve your productivity, allowing you to focus on daily tasks and give you the motivation to get things done in a timely manner. Once you feel capable and confident in taking care of yourself, you then have the full ability to care for important people in your life.

In more severe cases, poor mental health can often lead to bouts of mental illness. Similar to physical health, when symptoms go untreated, they can create chronic issues. Living with mental illness will always be a battle, but getting the proper treatment will make it much more manageable, allowing you to enjoy everything that life has to offer without your condition getting in the way. A path to redemption and reconciliation can help individuals walk forward with their mental health challenges in mind.

For a personal consultation to evaluate whether counselling therapy would be beneficial for you, please email: dan.lin.rcc@gmail.com